The System of Dawah by Mufti Jubaer Ahmad, iErTA

Posted by iErTA on May 14, 2023

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Alhamdulillah. In this lesson, we will discuss the process of invitation, inshallah. people If you want to learn something, you can learn it in different ways. For example, Can learn knowledge by going to school. Can learn through own hard work. The third method is learning through work experience. such as swimming, Cycling etc. These are the knowledge which can be learned by going to some school Can be learned, or found in any book. Rather, it is required Practical experience.

Ilm Dawat is a knowledge which is of three types knowledge is required. 1. Negrani of Ustad. 2. Practical experience. 3. Mutalaa or study. A responsible lifelong learner. For this reason, take wisdom from wherever you get it will do Rasulullah Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam said the wisdom of the believer The believer is more entitled to the lost wealth where he will get it.

The criterion of invitation is Quran and Sunnah

The previous Ummahs in the beginning carried out Da'wa work in the manner of their Prophet would give But later people would make some connections on their own behalf. At some point they deviated from the original path. If people always To act according to God's will, then it is necessary to send prophets wouldn't have Changing is human habit. He makes some changes. As a result Straight out of the way. For this we should be Pay attention to our work methods. If we are the Qur'an and Sunnah If you can stick to the path, hopefully, stick to the right path I can May Allah accept our hard work.

Freedom by way of invitation

For a da'ee is in the course of his dawaat work freedom The Qur'an mentions many methods for calling has been The duty is to accept any one of them and give invitation can There are many things in Islam which are certain. there any Cannot be interfered with in kind. Even brainstorming is not allowed. Like praying. No one has any right to change it. But there are some things where people want to accept have the right For example, clothing is a limitation of the Shari'ah here gave He has freedom within this boundary. Clothes below the ankles can't Women cannot be likened. The clothes of non-Muslims Can't be similar etc. Freedom in the way of invitation There is Because madaus are of different types, their thoughts are also different different The method of inviting each person is also different. For example three young men of 20 years are standing. between them A highly educated person. One is a matric pass and one is uneducated The method of inviting these three people will not be the same. Thoughts of the three The invitation should be given keeping merit in mind. To everyone's humanity Be careful. Allah Subahanahu Wa Ta'ala says: "Invite to the way of your Lord with wisdom Advising well and arguing with them is preferred in the way Surely your Lord knows best about that person There is one who has gone astray from His path and He knows best Those who are on the right path.” (Surah Nahl: 125)

Three methods are indicated in this verse. educated To discuss in the light of education in front of people. Uneducated people Speaking in front of advice. The third method is if someone disputes Argue with him in a good way. There are some people in Madhu who are calm when answered by logic gets And there are some people who are satisfied by sentimental words. In the Quran Different methods are mentioned for both. For example, to discuss emotions Allah Subahanahu Wa Ta'ala said: "O mankind! What has deceived you from your Lord." (Surah Infitar: 6)
It was an emotional process. And those who are swayed by reason For the Qur'an says-
"If there were any other deity in the heavens and the earth besides Allah Then there would have been chaos." (Surah Anbiya: 22)

Nowadays, the demand of every Da'ee is to call according to the Qur'an and Sunnah giving Rather inviting through the Bible, Vedas, Gita, etc. but That Da'ee has not memorized any part of the Quran. From the Quran away And there are some people who stage like political people Propaganda is made in the name of invitation. And some people are like that Those who do good work and think that we are the calling in the world doing The purpose of some organizations is politics, and dawat is strategy Use as That is why their invitation is directed towards politics. These tasks are far from invitation. That's why we always In the case of dawat, the predecessors should be followed.

Attention to the environment during the invitation

It is very important to pay attention to the environment in inviting. For example, the Prophet, may God bless him and grant him peace, called for four levels of invitation in Makkah life worked Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam towards the environment Dawati worked with care. The first three years of secret invitation gave This creates a kind of trust between the debtors. secondly, There is no chaos. In case of secret invitation Two things are very important. Nobody knows what we did today can know And I will not tell anyone what I will do tomorrow. May Allah Ta'ala grant all those responsible to understand the Sunnah method. Amen.
From the above discussion it is understood that the person is responsible Knowing the mental state is very important. Such as father's behavior with child One way, and the mother's behavior with the child is a little more than that of the father different What will be the behavior of Da'ee with Madau? Father's behavior or mother's behavior Behavior, I would say, mother behavior. As a mother loves her child, Acts out of self-interest and selfishness, just a responsible person Talk to Madau with motherly compassion, tenderness, love, affection He will behave kindly. The doctor is with his patient and the lawyer is with him Does not speak in a monotone with the client. The doctor speaks softly Being self-interested And the lawyer speaks the language of the law in a strong mood. Whose method will the defendant adopt here? Doctor or lawyer? of course Doctor's Because it is time for Allah Ta'ala to invite Pharaoh Musa A. who said Speak softly to Pharaoh.

Another mindset of Madau no matter how educated Madau is Why is he a child in the teachings of Islam? A five-year-old child, for example Asking his mother, how is Amma Allah? Mother says God is great. Son says Allah is greater than father. Mother says yes, Allah is yours Bigger than father. In this way, Madau asked various surprising questions can In this case, you have to be patient like a mother and answer. to be angry won't go.

For example, in a case of Bihar state in India, once an Imam Sahib He was reciting the Quran. At that time a Hindu advocate Sahib asked Imam Sahib, what are you reading? He said Quran Sharif, the word of Allah, sent by Allah from heaven. The advocate asked if Allah gave the rope from the sky sent? Imam Sahib explained well and said Dawat Gave, later the man became a Muslim.

Constant effort

Allah Ta'ala is steadfast for any kind of success in this world The law is that people will try their best for a certain period of time. For example two people have one bigha of land. one He worked hard to produce curry. Someone else Didn't try. Now you say who is successful among these two Will? Surely those who have worked hard will be successful. This is Allah's Rules are same for all. I want to be a Muslim, I want to be a non-Muslim Be it This is why Allah Ta'ala has made the Ambiyas work hard. Two events from the life of the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) are presented doing Allah Ta'ala blessed the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) in one night Baitul Muqddas from Makkah, then brought seven heavens. On the contrary, another incident, the Prophet, may God bless him and grant him peace, Mecca Had to migrate from Medina. Madinah is 500 kilometers from Makkah the way Allah Ta'ala wills to make this journey in one moment could But he didn't do that. Rather, God wanted me to see How much suffering can the servant endure in my path. Everyone in the world There is a certain time for things. At certain times that person is desired If you can work hard, you will be able to create a revolution in the society. Prophet May Allah bless him and grant him peace for 23 years He established an Islamic state in Medina. Rapidly, precisely In time, anyone who does any hard work is one in the society Can create a revolution. This principle is for all Muslims and non-Muslims equal


During the era of the Prophet, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, Hazrat Umar. infidel He entered his sister's room. Islam after a while He came out as a helper. It was time to enter and exit the house very short On the contrary, a person does not accept Islam in a short period of time Then there can be no change in that environment. Invited in that era Had to travel by camel for work. Now our latest Faster vehicles are available. We are in a short time with all those means I can spread the message of Islam far and wide. This is compared to that era In the era, people live in densely populated areas. This is for invitation purposes must be considered. Otherwise it is impossible to succeed.

Permanent Sunnah

After the Prophet sallallaahu alayhi wa sallam received prophethood, the life 23 years, in the work of conveying the message of Allah to the servants of Allah spent This invitation was done by the Prophet, may God bless him and grant him peace wrong The greatest Sunnah of the Messenger of Allah. Satan is one of us It created the idea that the Prophet, may God bless him and grant him peace, Worked as da'wat in Makkah, and waged Jihad in Madinah. this A devil's whisper. What about the Prophet (peace be upon him)? Was sent to war? never So why did he fight? The purpose of war is to eliminate sedition, to remove obstacles to the work of Da'wa to do.
The Prophet, may God bless him and grant him peace, was a prophet for 23 years. such It is not that he was a Messenger in Makkah life, and a Messenger in Madani life was not (Nauzubillah).
Prophet sallallaahu alayhi wasallam spent his whole life in dawa work spent But we do not like this Sunnah of the Prophet. Because it is a heavy Sunnah. We need light Sunnah. For example, who uses perfumes, eats sweets, etc. Such is our Sunnah I like it very much. But the important Sunnah is disliked by us. what is it Atteba, obedience to the Prophet ﷺ? no never Leaving the important Sunnah, what kind of act on minor Sunnah success Emphasis on the Sunnah which is the most important should be given.

The Prophet, may God bless him and grant him peace, asked about how to give an invitation Sallam says 'Make it easy, don't make it difficult. Give good news, create division no.
A beautiful example of this is, the Prophet, may God bless him and grant him peace, Mu'adh When sending Ibn Jabal to Yemen, he said - Allah's call If they accept then invite my message. that If they accept, then tell them to pray five times a day and night obligatory If they accept it then tell them about your wealth The poor have rights and share. If they accept it too Then they will not suffer.

Many neo-Muslims have been asked about their conversion to Islam What is the reason? Most of them said that Islam is a simple religion. The rest of the religions are neither understood nor acceptable. Fundamentals of the Christian Faith It is gratification. The Father, the Son, the Holy Spirit are one. very surprising A belief of sorts. And the belief of Islam is very simple. And him Should be presented simply.

Our situation is that instead of gradually inviting I want to invite someone to Islam once, and accept immediately Drop it and start working immediately. This is not possible. Allah Ta'ala allows us to do Da'wa work in the light of this Sunnah donate.
When we do invitational work, to convince Madou I will first determine the suitable time. Proof of this is Hazrat Yusuf A. The incident. When he was in jail, two others were with him The prisoner was Yusuf A. Lived with Yusuf A. Its move- The movement was different from others. They see his behavior when they are in trouble When they came to him for a solution, he invited them.
If Madou has a good opinion of the Da'ee, then this task is easy becomes For example, once Abu Jahl the Prophet, may God bless him and grant him peace killed Salam and his companions. Abdullah Bin Ma'an's daughter Puro Saw the scene. When Hamza came to Makkah the whole story was before him He described. Hamza went to Abu Jahl and beat him.
He came to the Prophet with revenge and said Nephew! I have come with a vengeance. are you happy Prophet Alaihi Wasallam said, I will be happy when you Be a Muslim. Hazrat Hamza immediately accepted Islam. In this way, the defendant should take action after seeing the condition of Madau.
Invitations to both Muslims and non-Muslims are different There are methods. For example, to the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him). Once Gabriel He came in the form of a stranger. Come to the Prophet He asked - well tell me! What is Islam? What is Ehsan? doomsday When will it come? The Prophet replied. After he left Sahabad Asked who this man you know? The Companions replied Allah and His Messenger know best. He said, He is Gabriel (A.)- He came to teach you religion. That is, Muslims Deen will learn according to order.
Now how to invite non-Muslims. for this Makkiydop Surahs will be learned only if they are recited well. Because Makki Surahs have been revealed keeping non-Muslims in front. Allah Ta'ala He said while introducing the Prophet.
He sent his messengers to the nations and recited his verses to them and taught them The book and the wisdom, even if they were wrong, they were wrong He it is who sent a messenger from among the illiterate, who He recited his verses to them, sanctified them and Teach books and wisdom. Earlier they were in serious error. In this verse, the method of understanding non-Muslims is said and Among these Ambia a. Four characteristics of its dawat work have been mentioned.

1. Recitation of the verses related to the identity of Allah.

2. Self-purification.

3. Book training.

4. Speaking of Hekmat.

Nowadays we have many Muslims giving the Quran with translation to non-Muslims Give it to Sharif. An example of this is, someone is a doctor for a headache He went to Saheb, Doctor Saheb gave him a book and said this Its medicine is written in the book. Now if the patient reads this book all his life However, his problem may not be solved. It is the responsibility of the doctor It was, prescribing medicine for this disease and saying that it was from a pharmacy Take medicine. In this way, the duty of a liability is before Madau Select suitable verses and listen to him. That was Ambia A.'s method. Many Muslims question, read the Arabic Quran to non-Muslims What is the benefit of hearing? The answer is a surprise in the Arabic Quran There are kinds of effects. Many people's eyes shed tears after hearing this verse fall We don't say just listen in Arabic but translate along with it listen to

Here are a few for you about reciting the verses of the Holy Quran I am listening to the incident. Once the leaders of the idolaters of Makkah, the Prophet, peace be upon him He sent Utba to make peace with Alayhi wa Sallam. Prophet May Allah bless him and grant him peace and said, "Are you finished?" She said yes it's over. Now the Prophet, may God bless him and grant him peace, said Surah Ha- Mim started reading the opening part from Sajda. Up to verse 13 After reaching, he put his hand on the Prophet's face and said, "Be careful, Muhammad." Have mercy on your nation.

A few days ago, one of our students invited a Hindu man While reciting verses of the Quran, and then the person's eyes Water began to come out neatly.
Now the question is, which verses are recited in front of Madu do?
The answer is, the entire Quran is guidance. But seeing the condition of Madau After that read the verses accordingly. #Surah Maryam by Jafar Ibn Abi Talib at the court of Najjashir Recited and heard.

# The name of Madau is mentioned at the end of the verse of Makki Surah. such as Ya'lamun, Yaqilun, Yata Zakkarun, Yata Dabbarun. etc. these Verses can be used.
In the Quran, the word verse is used in two senses. 1. Allah's side The Quran revealed from 2. The signs of Allah are like the sky Earth, moon-sun etc.

# Ambiya A. Through its morals, people became Muslims are we

# Incident of being a Jewish guest.

Full Time

A Da'ee's life calling should not be part-time. Rather whole life should be waqf. Prophet sallallahu alaihi wasallam The Messenger of Allah used his whole life for Da'wah. he Ideal for debtors. Allah with the life of Hazrat Nuh a Taala said, O my Lord! I invited my people day and night. I gave Ambia (A.) He made this work his full time job And we made part time. This is why this work is your life Make a goal.
Specifying some time for dawa work like eight hours etc. This is Jewish philosophy. A believer should be fifty years old Will work for a hundred years in life. Get up in the morning until twelve in the afternoon will work After a little rest again from one to nine in the night Will continue to work. The condition for this period is Isha prayer Fall asleep immediately.

1. Ekhlas 2. Stay away from Satan. 3. God's Proximity 4. Constant effort. 5. to decide 6. dua 7. with Madau relationship building. 8. Clearing misconceptions of known non-Muslims. 9. of the Quran Reading verses. 10. For Madura's guidance dua

Some important principles of Da'wah and Qualities of Da'ee

Pay attention to the location of the particular madha (invoked). Some principles are presented here, which one should follow It is very important for the defendant.
1. Will purify the intention. That is, invitation only for the purpose of pleasing Allah will give

2. Have 100% trust and faith in your invitation.

3. Especially the different groups and creeds of Hindu and Christian religions. You have to think about faith.

4. Space-time vessels with great interest and love Say the necessary things.

5. Talking to them in terms of Hindu brothers. Like heaven (Jannat) Hell (Hell) etc.

6. Nationality means we are children of the same parents. Adam is the wind Everyone's parents. And the son of the father becomes a brother, like that of a brother Figure out the relationship and start talking. First talking about tawheed. After that turn the talk and start talking about the Hereafter and the Hereafter Meaning of profit and loss. Then start the message.

7. Prepare before invitation. Such as praying and making dua. 8. Avoiding unproven words, towards strong and pure evidence keep an eye.

9. To the extent of the Madha's (invoked person's) intellect and his thought process keep an eye.

10. Da'ee will invite only Allah.

11. Avoid haste.

12. The deed of the Da'ee will be a perfect Sunnah Mutabiq, of the thing which the Da'ee is responsible for He should have his own deeds on him who invites towards, so that he May be ideal for others.

13. Da'ee will have good character and Da'wa technique will adopt Because it is an important means of accepting his invitation.

14. There must be strong faith in the debtor. It is important for the defendant that, He will be a firm believer. Ashar (response) to one's invitation and one's own Do not be discouraged from the guidance of the community, do not lose heart, even if it is a long time have to spend So taking Ambiya's biography as a good example, Such as Noah The incident of.

15. Da'ee will act according to knowledge, essential for a da'ee He will act on what he learns.

16. Start the discussion by consensus.

17. Avoid anger, be patient.

19. Speak in soft language. Avoid profanity and rudeness.

20. For tahqiq (analysis) and research if no evidence is present It will take time.

21. Irrational arguments will survive.

22. Will listen to the opponent with attention, answer according to his questions will give

23. Madura's (invoked) rebuke of the elders (gods and goddesses) and Do not scold.

24. Admits the truth if its opposite position is correct will take. 25 Do not imprecation for them.

26. Pride will abandon pride and embrace humility.

27. All worship of Da'ee will be for Allah alone.

28. There must be full sincerity in the debtor.

29. Prepare before invitation and despise Madou no.

30. Da'ee will show respect to the guest and the guest is dear will be.

31. Remember that only Allah is the owner of guidance.

32. The method of invitation is to be the light of prophethood through the recitation of Sirat to be accepted.

33. There should be love and compassion in the Da'ee.

34. Da'ee should be very polite.

35. The debtor must be forgiving.

36. Da'ee should be tolerant and patient.

37. The debtor must be worldly.

38. Da'ee must acquire taqwa in mu'amala. as well as Halal sustenance must be earned.

39 Da'ee must have tawakkul i.e. full trust in Allah.

40. The defendant must conceal the faults and defects of others.

41 The responsible will think others better than himself, think himself inferior will do.

42. The main basis of Da'wah is a deep relationship with Allah.

43. Da'ee will cry a lot to Allah in Tahajjud.

44 Makes the heart of the madau (invitee) the target of dawat.

45. Another fundamental quality or fundamental of da'wah for the Da'i The basic principle is that the Da'ee will do the work of Da'wa without any greed. As it is mentioned in the Holy Quran in various places about the Prophets that they He made it clear to his community- "And I ask you for something in return for this invitation No.” Nor do I covet any of your things.

May Allah Subahanahu Wa Ta'ala give us the grace to act. (Amen)